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Top 3 races of the month – $75 flat fee

Become a race of the month and your race logo will appear in the top left hand corner of each page (with the exception of the race calendar page). We will link your logo back to your website, online registration page, social media page or anywhere you would like!

Featured Race – $100 flat fee

We will work with you to create a article that will appear on the front page of our website and will be feature on our blog. Let runners know all about your race and get them excited to sign up!  Your logo will be included in the article as well as any links to your online registration page, website or social media page.

Advertising Package – $150

Save $25 if you purchase Top 3 races and Featured Race

NSRRG Recommended Races– $50 per month

Your race logo will appear on the right hand column on all of our web pages giving you tons of chances to be seen by potential runners. The logo will be linked back to either your website, online registration page or social media page. Your choice! Please note, that this advertising option is per month, so you can select the month or number of months that you want your logo to be visible on our website.
Social Media Push: 
NSRRG Facebook page: $30 per day
With 2,330+ fans on our Facebook page, we can help make your race go viral. You pick the day and the message that you would like to appear on our Facebook wall and we will take care of the rest.
We are proud to announce advertising options for our new eNewletter powered by Constant Contact – NSRRG Express. NSRRG Express is sent out on the 1st  and 15th of every month to our loyal 2400+ subscribers.
Featured NSRRG Races are $125/month(includes 2 newsletters),
Multiple Months: $100 per month.
“Featured NSRRG Races” are located at the beginning of the eNewsletter. “Featured NSRRG Races” include the race name, date, location, time, 25-50 words describing the event, a link directly to the race website and a logo which is located on the right hand column of the eNewsletter
Banner ad in eNewsletter
Appears at the top of the eNewsletter
1 Month: $175
Multiple Months: $150/per month

We are rapidly developing additional advertising options for race directors to take advantage of. If you are a race director and are interested in promoting your race with North Shore Road Race Guide please get in touch with us at info@northshoreroadraceguide.com.